Summertime at Cannes

Cannes is famous for its film festival however there is so much more to this city than red carpets and movie premieres.

Once you start to walk from the Promenade de la Croisette towards the center of the city, there are amazing small boutiques, health food stores (where you can buy quality almonds and teas), and also really good cosmetics stores which sell all of the famous organic French cosmetics brands. The pharmacies also sell a lot of skincare products.

Aside from shopping, Cannes offers the most amazing fish restaurants a city can have. Being a seaboard city, there are lots of traditional fish dishes on the menu for you to try out.

The Cannes beaches are the best of French Riviera! While Nice and Monte-Carlo have stone beaches , Cannes has sand:) Despite the crowds the sea is very clean and you’ll have the best view while swimming.

If you are into slot games or card games you can pay a visit to Casino Barrière.

Hope you enjoyed this post, have a nice summer everyone!


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