Brand ID: NYX  

The NYX cosmetics founder Toni Ko grew up in Los Angeles and while buying make up for herself as a teenager, she realised that there wasn’t any brand which produced beautifully packaged make up with drugstore price range. There was a gap in the market and therefore Toni Ko established NYX in 1999 with the idea of providing department store beauty at drugstore prices.

The brand was named after the Greek goddess of night and the eye pencils were the first product launch. NYX skyrocketed at the beauty industry because:

  • They always had good connections with the make up artist community,
  • They realised the importance of social media early on and supplied the YouTubers, vloggers and beauty bloggers with products for them to create digital content,
  • The 2008 economic crisis led customers to explore more accessible & affordable brands like NYX

NYX went up at auction in 2014 and was sold for $500 million to the highest bidder: L’Oréal.  Toni Ko signed a noncompete clause therefore she can’t work in cosmetics for 5 years but she went on to pursue her new venture: sunglasses.

When you get into a NYX store, you can easily observe the elements of the brand’s success. The interior design is very impressive with black coloured walls and huge spotlights to strongly illuminate the products. The inside of the store feels luxurious and glamorous and when you check the prices of the products they’re very affordable. There is a generous amount of testers which you can easily try out at the NYX Beauty Bar. The makeup artists are friendly and they let you explore the products freely. They don’t follow you around the store like so many other brands’ employees do. Therefore you feel comfortable and you get to enjoy the ambiance without being bothered. There are lots of hashtags on the walls to encourage customers to share content on social media. NYX does not use models as brand ambassadors. Their brand ambassadors are social media stars. The photos of influencers and their social media accounts are projected on digital screens in case you want to follow them. The product range is wide and colourful.  To sum it up, NYX is kind of like the Willy Wonka’s Cosmetics Factory for women.

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